G-d looked into the Torah and created the world – Zohar

 Jewish Time Management is about striving to live your life in harmony with creation.

In Judaism, we believe that spirituality is REAL.  A structure exists to both the physical and spiritual realms.  By definition, anything real has structure and is governed by immutable laws.  Just as there are laws of nature, such as physics and biology, which govern the physical world, so too spiritual laws govern the spiritual world.  Just as when an object falls, the laws of physics demand that gravity pull it down, so too spirituality is guided by absolute principles of the spiritual realm. 

The alternative is to say that spirituality (and Judaism) is chaotic; and chaos is nonexistence.  However, if spirituality is real and has structure, then that structure can be studied, understood, and accessed. 

In Judaism, we know that structure to be Torah. 

All of existence, including both the physical world and the spiritual world, is imprinted with the Torah.  That is the meaning in Jewish mysticism of the statement, “G-d looked into the Torah and created the world.” 

G-d made a blueprint for creation.  Everything that exists does more than just reflect that schematic; it emanates from it.  Similar to a body emanating from its DNA, that DNA and all else extends forth from the Torah, G-d’s structure for existence. 

It follows from this that we too must reflect that structure, as individuals and as components of a larger world.  The human drive for spirituality – the drive to connect to something beyond ourselves and to G-d – therefore must also be real.  Our spiritual needs are real, which really must be met.  Moreover, if a person truly wants to live their life in harmony with the universe (in harmony with the natural and supernatural worlds), then a person must live their life consistent with the Torah.

Appreciating the realness of your own spiritual needs and appreciating that a structure exists called the Torah through which you can meet those needs are the first steps of Jewish Time Management.

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