The implications of spirituality are staggering.  If people really took the concept of G-d seriously, every aspect of their being would be transformed.

We said before that through Torah, everything connects to everything else.  We all, however, experience that interconnectedness ways which are unique to us.  We each have different talents and personality, which enable us to connect to G-d in different ways.  Some concepts appeal to some people and not others; some occupations interest some but not others; and some people are attractive to some but not others.  Yet, when a connection is felt, it is the same meaning, G-d’s manifest presence through the structure of existence, which is being experienced – albeit along different paths.  The spiritual connection between all of existence is absolute, but each individual perceives that connection in a manner relative to their own personality.  Different people “tune in” to different experiences. 

Furthermore, not only does Torah enable our lives to have true meaning, but through it all of our actions have the potential to be ultimately meaningful.

Since all of reality connects intrinsically with everything else through the spiritual plane, our actions deeply affect the world around us.  In fact, there is nothing that you or I could ever do that does not impact on all of existence!

All of our actions – even the seemingly most inconsequential – impact our neighbors, our city, our country, and the environment.  Every action we take reverberates throughout the universe, because everything shares an intrinsic connection to everything else!  That means that the old adage of “a little smile goes a long way” is true; it also means that a frown reaches equally as far.  What’s more, no person can ever really be alone.  Even a prophet in solitude in the desert is busy impacting the universe and being impacted by the actions of others in distant lands and in distant times.

Because our actions have such potential, each one of us has tremendous responsibility.  Spirituality then is not merely a feel good state – a touchy feely experience we would like to have.  Spirituality has REAL implications for the choices we make in our lives.  And those choices have deep implications not just for ourselves, but they impact the world in ways we can hardly even imagine. 

The truly spiritual person thus measures all their actions and even their thoughts (as thoughts when they arise in the mind come into existence and likewise connect to and impact on reality).  A spiritual person considers the outcome of their actions and seeks always to intend positive results.  A spiritual person knows that negative results will eventually only hurt themselves, as they can never be disassociated from their actions and must eventually share in the results – that’s the concept of midah k’neged midah, or measure for measure. 

G-d is real.  Torah is real, and the spiritual dimension of creation is real.  G-d is everywhere and in everything.  Nonetheless, each of us is sensitive to this relationship in different ways. 

What things do you connect to?  What you connect to reflects the essence of who you are.  It also is the source of your greatest power.  In the area where you sense the greatest connection, you can have the greatest impact.  Harness that connection, and you will change the world.

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