Jewish Time Management is using your time to connect to something greater than this moment.  It is the choice to claim the time given to you as purposeful and to use it as a tool for growing into your potential and for connecting to G-d.

Although part of time management is about learning how to be “efficient” and “effective,” the true underlying goal of time management is not simply completing tasks. Rather, the real aim of time management is improving how we complete our goals and, more significantly, how they complete us.

Time is our most valuable asset.  In the end, our lives are nothing more than the sum of a number of fleeting moments and what we choose to be and become in them.

Jewish Time Management is using whatever time is given us to express who we are on the deepest level and to connect that deeper self to G-d.

Jewish Time Management responds to basic human spiritual needs and integrating spirituality into our daily lives.

The creator of Jewish Time Management is Rabbi Michael (“Moshe”) Fine.  Rabbi Fine is a clinically-trained Chaplain, who currently serves as a staff chaplain at one of the top 4 hospitals in the nation.  Originally trained as an attorney, Rabbi Fine was formerly a partner in a boutique employment law firm.  Rabbi Fine received his rabbinic ordination in Jerusalem, Israel, and served as the director of a non-profit institute developing college-level coursework on applied ethics.  Rabbi Fine is also a trained mediator and a certified career coach.