Shavuot – A Time for Meaning

May 25th, 2012 Posted by  Moshe

In Jewish thought, time is both cyclical and linear. The concept of a “moed,” holiday, embodies the idea that time is cyclical. As we move through the course of a year, different periods of time have different spiritual energies. So, Passover, for example, must always occur in the springtime. It is a holiday of renewal, [...]

The Hard Work of Spirituality

November 18th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

Toward the end of this week’s parsha, the Torah presents a very striking, yet little known, fact. Abraham, who was childless for most of his life, resulting in various marital challenges and finally the births of Ishmael and Isaac, at the end of his life, suddenly fathers six additional children.  Even more curious, the Torah [...]

Life’s Binary Code

September 19th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

today I have set before you life and death …  choose life  Consider for a moment all of the wonderful and amazing things that you can do on this computer right in front of you.  Look at the colors and look at the font.  Think about the interactive nature of the Internet.  And what about [...]

Memory and Judgment

September 15th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

The Holy One Blessed is He said, “on Rosh Hashanah speak of kingship, remembrance, and shofar blasts – Kingship in order to make Me your King, remembrance in order that you shall be recalled before me for good, and with what the shofar.” One of the highlight prayers of Rosh Hashanah comes during the Chazzan’s [...]

Moving from Av to Elul

August 30th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

As we move from the month of Av into the month of Elul, we transition from a period of mourning to one of promise for the future. On Tisha B’Av we mourned over the past. We focused on our shortcomings and cried over our wasted potential. We recognized that we could have been better people, [...]

Tisha B’Av and Complacency

July 31st, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

An essential aspect of Jewish Time Management is being in touch with the spiritual energy of time.  The Jewish idea of time is that it is neither linear nor cyclical, but has aspects of both.  Time moves forward; however, as the calendar cycles through the year, different points in time have different spiritual energy.  These [...]


July 25th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

I asked an older gentleman in ICU once about his success in business.  “Yes, I was successful in business,” he told me.  Then, with a sigh of unease he continued, “But, that’s not what really matters….”  As he reflected, in his personal life, and most other areas, he had not achieved much at all. Having [...]


July 17th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

The implications of spirituality are staggering.  If people really took the concept of G-d seriously, every aspect of their being would be transformed. We said before that through Torah, everything connects to everything else.  We all, however, experience that interconnectedness ways which are unique to us.  We each have different talents and personality, which enable [...]


July 10th, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

We said before that Torah is the fabric of creation.  It is the structure of both the physical and spiritual worlds.  Now let’s go deeper – When we talk about the spiritual, we are talking about that higher realm of existence from which physical reality emanates.  In Kaballah, the spiritual realm is itself subdivided into [...]


July 3rd, 2011 Posted by  Moshe

G-d looked into the Torah and created the world – Zohar  Jewish Time Management is about striving to live your life in harmony with creation. In Judaism, we believe that spirituality is REAL.  A structure exists to both the physical and spiritual realms.  By definition, anything real has structure and is governed by immutable laws.  [...]